Diversity Can Lead to Unity (narrative intro)

I was told he could be my twin. His name was Steve. Considering the fact that he is nearly twenty years older then me, by definition he could not be my twin. Chris Dills told me about him. The first thing I knew about Steve was that we shared the curly hair trait and both have an enthusiasm for all things nerdy. Chis Dills told me “Steve is just like you. I cannot wait for ya’ll to meet.” I view Chris Dills as a fairly  trustworthy guy so it clamed my nerves tremendously that someone very similar to me would be going on this trip. My biggest fear and concern about this trip was that I would be the odd one out; that I wouldn’t fit in and that would leave me discouraged. All of these people knew each other well or at least had met before. I would be going way out of my comfort zone here.


Blog about a blog

I choose to read a blog by Hannah Brencher called “You Already Know What Happens to Those Caterpillars”. I receive this blog weekly in my email because I am subscribed to her blog website. Hannah moved from her hometown in New England to Atlanta. She writes a lot about her Christian faith and how that intertwines with her daily walk. In the past Hannah has suffered from anxiety and depression. She talks about how her faith and God has kept her alive and positive and always, ever improving. Her audience spans the globe as she uses the internet to get her writings out there. Her audience for the most part will be people who are subscribed to or run across her blog. A lot of her audience will share similarities with her such as their Christian faith or their struggle with anxiety because most of her writing have to do with these subjects. Hannah writes in a way to connect with her audience and help them through things she has gone through. She is very honest and so poetic. She writes first hand so all her stories are from personal experience and you get a true, emotional feeling while reading. She organizes her blog by always putting a picture at the beginning. Her writing splits in a few places throughout the blog based of the flow of her thoughts. Occasionally she will bold a sentence or so if she wants to draw attention to a certain idea or it backs up her main idea of the post really well. Hannah’s attitude throughout this blog and all of her other blogs is very humble and straight truthful. She lets herself be transparent so as to connect with the reader and let us know she is a regular human like the lot of us.

You already know what happens to those caterpillars.