Diversity Can Lead to Unity (narrative intro)

I was told he could be my twin. His name was Steve. Considering the fact that he is nearly twenty years older then me, by definition he could not be my twin. Chris Dills told me about him. The first thing I knew about Steve was that we shared the curly hair trait and both have an enthusiasm for all things nerdy. Chis Dills told me “Steve is just like you. I cannot wait for ya’ll to meet.” I view Chris Dills as a fairly  trustworthy guy so it clamed my nerves tremendously that someone very similar to me would be going on this trip. My biggest fear and concern about this trip was that I would be the odd one out; that I wouldn’t fit in and that would leave me discouraged. All of these people knew each other well or at least had met before. I would be going way out of my comfort zone here.


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